Thai With Me

Cocktail spring rolls

My famous cocktail spring rolls – great for pairing with wine.

My beloved Mom is all about curry. When I grew up we had lots of coconut trees around the house. My Mom loved to hire monkeys to help get the coconuts from the trees. When you saw the monkeys, you knew there would be curry that night. We would use a mortar and pestle to make the curry paste from herbs. I can still smell still it today.

During my college years in Bangkok, I worked in the travel industry. It was then that my interest in international cuisines began.

What I most remember today is helping my aunt in her restaurant as I was growing up, learning to chop vegetables, cook fast and healthy dishes, and much more. While the guests were served from one menu, we experimented with ingredients coming up with new combinations.

I also remember learning cooking from many family members in cities all over Thailand, picking up the diverse flavors from the regional cuisines, in addition to the Vietnamese/Laos/French influences from my region in the northeast.

After a number of years being a realtor, I am following my true passion – Thai cooking.

Kookkai cooking at Jeffs

A private cooking party at Jeff DuCharme’s.

I’ve had the great fortune to travel to many countries and many cities in the United States, and I bring all of it to my classes and consulting.

I look forward to sharing it with you.

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